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by Bob Vereen, Worldwide DIY Council

In America, perhaps more than in most other countries, hardware, tools and many of the other products stocked as basic merchandise by home centers, hardware stores and lumber-building material dealers can be found in all kinds of stores-from supermarkets to service stations, from drug stores to mass merchants, although the bulk of the business, of course, is still to be found in traditional retail channels. Those other retailers do, however, provide convenient alternatives for many consumers.
     Home Channel News, a trade publication, recently provided information on the 500 largest retailers of all types selling the kinds of products stocked in traditional outlets such as... (story continued...)

How's business?
Survival strategies for tough times
by Bob Vereen, Worldwide DIY Council

America, like most countries around the world, has been in recession for many months and retailers large and small have been finding consumers reluctant to buy, except for absolute necessities.
When faced with sharply reduced consumer spending and the continued onslaught of giant retailers like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and Menards, can smaller chains and independent retailers survive, and if they so, how are they doing it?
Recent research shows, surprisingly, that many smaller retailers appear to be coping remarkably well in these recessionary times. Some actually are showing sales increases, contrasted with their two big competitors, Home Depot and Lowes, both of whom recorded significant sales declines....(story continued...)


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